Aditta photo


"If something seems difficult,” he says, “I'll assume I am not doing it right, and approach it from a different angle.”

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Alex photo


Alex ranks first in his class, captains the volleyball team and is president of the student government. But that only begins to describe his impact. 

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Bren photo


Bren sees the world through an artist’s eyes. He describes himself as “passionate about drawing portraits, memories or characters.”  


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Donavan photo


And in the longer run: “I want to be a political force in my community.”

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Elhadji photo


“His positive attitude and determination, even in the face of adversity, is an immensely commendable asset.”

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Eliana photo


“She is a natural leader.”

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Gabriel photo


“With his integrity and diligence, I am sure he will be one of your reasons for joy in running your institution as a whole.”

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Gabriela photo


Her research has a goal: implementing change.“ Learning how to embrace and represent a diverse community of low-income, first-generation students,” she wrote, “is my ultimate passion.”

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Indira photo


One of Indira’s teachers had some advice for college admissions officers: “If you want to make a wise choice,” the teacher wrote, “it is Indira who you want to have the pleasure of educating, knowing and hearing.”

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Isaiah photo


“I have learned the importance of teamwork and humility. I have realized that true success is about working together as a team and not relying on one person to carry the burden."

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Jackie photo


“Business and economics,” Jackie wrote, “are the language of change and the key to addressing social issues.” Following that path, he plans to study business, economics, and finance in college.

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Jose photo


“When I play the piano,” he wrote, “I feel as if I am sent into a world of music that allows me to freely explore the endless possibilities that music gives.”

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Lina photo


“I will continue moving on undeterred through my intellectual and entrepreneurial journey to inspire community building, personal growth, and social impact for myself and others.”

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Mariam photo


“I love always understanding multiple sides to different situations. The challenges of such deep moral questions help me realize that different people have different ways to interpret things and I must always be open-minded.”

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Nasir photo


“With Nasir’s dedication and personality, he will be a great teacher.”

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Nilanjana photo


"It’s the pure bliss in playing an instrument I love, while singing, along with an audience filled with individuals who come together to de-stress and unwind, that I realize what true contentment is.”

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Raisa photo


“I view just wanting something as pointless. Rather, if you put in the effort towards finding and working towards your objective, that's where you make actual progress.”

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Sol photo


The only senior selected to work as a teacher assistant for the junior-year animation class, Sol has done commissioned artwork for a number of organizations, including the Warner Brothers Looney Tunes Looneyverse and a prominent Off Broadway theater. 

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Sophonie photo


Sophonie plans to study biology, with a highly ambitious goal: “helping to dismantle structural racism in modern United States healthcare.” 

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Tashifa photo


“This is a new beginning in my life and I am both anxious and enthusiastic about achieving my dreams and happiness for myself and my parents, who left everything just to give me a better life and studies.”

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