One of the challenges that led to an important accomplishment – and Indira’s desire to make computer science one of her majors in college – was learning to write code. Her abilities led to an internship at Google, where she worked on multiple projects, created her own website, and built an adventure game. Of the Google offices she wrote: “When I enter the building, I feel like I'm home, and not like I'm an outsider.”

She has made an unusual choice for her other college major. She wants to study opera. “Regardless of the language,” she wrote, “music can be felt through the soul.” The music genre that most appeals to her is called Vocaloid, named for a voice synthesizing software that allows users to compose music and lyrics. Vocaloid music, Indira wrote, “captivates me because the subject is so broad and there's so many different things to be interested in.”

One of Indira’s teachers had some advice for college admissions officers: “If you want to make a wise choice,” the teacher wrote, “it is Indira who you want to have the pleasure of educating, knowing and hearing.” The summary written by Indira’s college counselor was very much to the point: “She excels at any challenge she faces.”

The mentor that has made the greatest difference in my life is Michelle Chan, my culinary teacher. She always checks on how I'm doing and encourages me to do what I love.