Amanda C. photo

Amanda C.

Using the tools of journalism and storytelling – including a national award-winning podcast – Amanda has been confronting the impacts of racism.

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Christian photo


His vision for the future is clear: “I want to be strong – physically and mentally. I want to prove that even though I am a young man of color, I am not confined to these projections that others have of me."

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Elianny photo


“I have no other student that demonstrates such an unwavering commitment to improvement and her excellent performance is evidence of that.” 

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Austin photo


“Eventually, I realized that hardships end up shaping you as a person more than anything else.” Looking forward to a future that might include opening a community medical clinic, Austin said, “I want to be the best I can be."

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Armughan photo


"For my relatives that are 7,000 miles away, I am the embodiment of their dreams while I am trying to pursue my American dream."

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Ashley photo


"I will no longer run from what scares me but run towards what I want to achieve in life and never give up no matter what life throws at me.”

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Behruz photo


As to what comes next: “I would love to surround myself with people going through the same fears as me — someone who is a first-generation living in a single-parent household with big dreams. I believe Scholarship Plus is the best community for me.”

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Marisol photo


“No matter the path,” wrote her senior advisor, Marisol will “bring great pride to her parents, myself and anyone who has witnessed Marisol creating the goodness this world needs more of.”

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Nana photo


“It is not every student of his age who has an eye for combining the fantastical with the practical as Nana has in his writing. Although he has plans to start a career in pharmacy right after college, his dual interest in writing – and journalism in particular – are sure to take him in exciting directions in the future.”

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Sarah photo


Realizing how much peer tutoring had helped with her own academic work, when she was in high school Sarah formed a 501c3 nonprofit to give peer-to-peer academic help to students in foster care.

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Amanda M. photo

Amanda M.

“No matter what challenges I’ll face in the future, if I never give up there’s always a chance to achieve it.”

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Anas photo


Anas is aiming for a career “working on engineering research projects that focus on environmental and ecological issues.” He also has another ambition: “becoming an origami master.”

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Divina photo


"Her commitment to learning surpasses other students on a level I have rarely seen.”

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Shania photo


She writes with great feeling and clarity about “that euphoric moment where she discovered the world of writing, where her pages had a tsunami of words, where her fingertips were the catalyst to a world unimaginable but never impossible.”

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Ezra photo


“I find that there is so much knowledge to be gained, and I consider myself ready for the breadth of my future experience.”

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Mildred photo


In college, Mildred intends to join the Black Student Union to assure that voices like hers will be heard. She hopes to major in chemical engineering and eventually to help create sustainable and affordable byproducts for low-income communities.

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Pamela photo


One of Pamela’s teachers described her as “a light for others and a pillar of constant progress and true community.”

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Saul photo


Saul now is looking forward to embarking on to a new journey where he can continue to inspire the next generation of men who come from different backgrounds to seek higher education in an area they are passionate about.

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