What We Do and How We Do It

We are the only New York City college support program providing a substantial financial scholarship and extensive PLUS support. One without the other is not enough.

We have a 100% graduation rate since our program began in 2010.


We help students obtain the strongest financial aid package possible from their chosen schools and we help fill the gap with a substantial 4-year scholarship to avoid student loans.

The PLUS support for each student includes:

College Prep

The summer before college we provide an orientation program to help prepare students for the transition to and academic rigors of college. We also expose them to new cultural and educational experiences in New York City and help students get to know one another, form friendships and build a support network.


We monitor each student's progress, offer advice on academic decisions, tutoring and counseling opportunities on campus and elsewhere. Our volunteer counselors are experienced academicians, mentors and social workers.


We provide a paid internship the summer after high school with our partner, New York Public Radio, and other New York organizations. Throughout college, we help students explore summer jobs and paid internships.