How do we ensure college graduation? 

In addition to tuition, we provide a 360-degree support network to help our scholars succeed and give them the access of their more affluent peers.



We help students obtain strong financial aid from their school and help fill the gap with a substantial 4-year scholarship to avoid student loans. This enables almost every single one of our scholars to graduate debt-free and hit the ground running with their degree. We also work closely with students to identify the "hidden costs" of college (e.g. winter boots, eyeglasses, laptop repairs) so that their experience can be as rich and participatory as their classmates.



The summer before college we provide an orientation program to help prepare students for the transition to and academic rigors of college. We cover everything from time management to managing microaggressions. We also expose scholars to new cultural and educational experiences in New York City and help students get to know one another, form friendships and build a support network. 


We call on our network of staff, volunteers, board and community members to monitor each student's progress and needs, offer advice on academic and professional decisions, and provide access to diverse resources and institutions. Our volunteer counselors are experienced academics, social workers, and industry experts. 


We provide the tools and access for a head start on professional development:

  • Paid internship placements through partners, including New York Public Radio/WNYC, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Gluck+ and other NYC organizations
  • Counseling
  • Resume building
  • Mock interviews
  • Career readiness & workplace etiquette workshops

To discuss offering a paid internship opportunity, please e-mail Senior Director Anna Antoniak.