Our Mission & Values

Mission: Scholarship Plus provides NYC students with equitable access to a fulfilling college journey through individualized support and a four-year scholarship, PLUS a community that opens opportunities for life. 

Values: Scholarship Plus invests time, attention, and mentoring to understand and address the injustices and inequities that can prevent each scholar from thriving. SPlus' commitment to DEI is actualized in the values below. 


Building on scholars’ and community members’ existing foundations of self-advocacy.


Consciously examining and challenging structural racism within our speech, actions, policies and programming.


Practicing self-reflection and unlearning exclusionary behaviors, so our community members feel safe to show up authentically.


Respecting the individuality and self-agency of scholars.


Identifying systemic barriers that affect scholars, and advocating to close gaps in resources while helping build a path toward generation wealth.

Financial Aid PLUS

Since 2010, Scholarship Plus has provided financial assistance and support to 174 students. 99% of our students have graduated college on time.

These students confront daunting hurdles: paying for the tremendous cost of college without taking on substantial loans, and navigating life on campuses that lack diversity both racially and socioeconomically.

"The Plus in Scholarship Plus is about mentorship, learning, and building a family, and it's what makes this scholarship so special."   Zeshan, Yale University

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