Join a Giving Circle (Pod)

"The pods, as the donor groups are known, offer a rare opportunity to collaborate closely with friends in an enterprise that is uniquely hopeful." -Pod leader Janny Scott

Our Funding Model

We commit to providing each scholarship for a full four years. This directly impacts our funding model, as we can only accept new scholars when we have secured the full financial support that we promise.

To add another level of funding between smaller, one-time donations and full scholar sponsorship ($40K over four years), we rely on our giving circles—or pods.

How Pods Work

Each pod can have up to ten members. With that many supporters, every pod member commits to $1,000 a year to support a scholar through college. All pods have a leader who communicates and liaises with the members and the sponsored student.

How to Join a Pod

To join a pod or learn more, we welcome you to contact Scholarship Plus' executive director Kate Fenneman Stokes to set up a time to talk at your convenience. Our program is small, so your support has a tangible impact, and we welcome opportunities to personally and directly answer any questions you have. You can also explore more on our Donate page.