Meet the Class of 2020

Our class of 15 scholars ranges from aspiring architects to humanitarian aid workers to biomedical engineers. Meet an organizer of Black Lives Matter programming, the first male cheerleader in his high school, a Tae Kwon Do blackbelt (who also plays violin and guitar), a budding forensic scientist, a local and civic activist, and so many more outstanding young people from across New York City. It is our privilege to introduce them to you.

Youssef (International Relations) photo

Youssef (International Relations)

 “Youssef,” his college counselor wrote, “has always been determined to bring people together, to effect change and to be a voice for others.”

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Tamara (Sociology) photo

Tamara (Sociology)

Tamara’s goal is to be a lawyer, to “work actively to fix the injustices within the criminal justice system and advocate for people who come from communities like mine.”

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Ishrat (Social & Cultural Analysis) photo

Ishrat (Social & Cultural Analysis)

“When I think of Ishrat,” her college counselor wrote, “I immediately think: Advocate.” 

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Nicholas (Film Studies & Architecture) photo

Nicholas (Film Studies & Architecture)

"I hoped that the chords that resonated from my cello during my concert at Carnegie Hall one night resonated beyond the great hall and into the back house-door where my mother would be enveloped by the strong smells of bleach and ammonia.”

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Makan (Applied Math) photo

Makan (Applied Math)

“He reminds me of a student that could genuinely make a new discovery or relationship in the mathematical field.”

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Hui (Biology & Pre-Health) photo

Hui (Biology & Pre-Health)

Asked how she would describe herself, Hui wrote, “A textbook overachiever with rather a loud mind than a loud mouth, combined with a vivid imagination and a strong sense of compassion.”

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Faith (Physics) photo

Faith (Physics)

Faith's eventual aim is to be a pediatrician, a goal informed in part by her experience as a hospital volunteer assisting with translations in both Igbo and American Sign Language.

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El-Hassn (Computing Security) photo

El-Hassn (Computing Security)

“I can honestly say,” one of his teachers wrote, “that El-Hassn is one of the students to shape my career.”

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Manda (Global Public Health & Pre-Health) photo

Manda (Global Public Health & Pre-Health)

“I’ve known thousands of students in my teaching career, and have found the particular combination of assets Manda possesses is extremely rare."

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Bernadelle (Biomedical Engineering & Pre-Health) photo

Bernadelle (Biomedical Engineering & Pre-Health)

Perhaps inspired by her mother, who works in a hospital emergency room, Bernadelle's plan is to major in biomedical engineering, with a goal of making medical devices.

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William (Pre-Health) photo

William (Pre-Health)

A guitar-strumming neuroscientist with a black belt in Taekwondo? Why not? 

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Stephanie (Computer Science) photo

Stephanie (Computer Science)

“She is one of the most ambitious, determined, resilient and confident young women that I have met.”

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Jessy (Neuroscience & Pre-Health) photo

Jessy (Neuroscience & Pre-Health)

“Even in a class full of Stuyvesant’s strongest English students,” one of her teachers wrote, “Jessy was a clear standout.”

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Kayla (Biochemistry & Sociology) photo

Kayla (Biochemistry & Sociology)

Of her younger sister, Kayla says, “I want my sister to know that anything is possible.”

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Shaquille (Engineering) photo

Shaquille (Engineering)

“I wanted to surround myself with people with the same ambition. They are passionate about life.”

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