Chelsea (Pre-Law & Africana Studies) photo

Chelsea (Pre-Law & Africana Studies)

“Chelsea will be a force on her campus, a heat-seeking missile to any organizations that profess a social justice mission and any that connect her with those passionate about black excellence.”

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Crystal (Biology & Chinese) photo

Crystal (Biology & Chinese)

“Hands down the most intellectually curious student I have met.”

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Drew (Business) photo

Drew (Business)

His achievements are those of “a young man who understands how hard work and focus can transform pain to power.”

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Fatouma (Marketing) photo

Fatouma (Marketing)

“I come from Niger, where people believe it’s not worth spending money on girls’ educations. Yet I have wanted to go to college since I was 7 years old.”

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Frank (Chemical Engineering) photo

Frank (Chemical Engineering)

 "I have learned to focus less on what I don’t have and more on what I do have."

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Jameelah (Sociology) photo

Jameelah (Sociology)

"I want to pursue medical research ... to find solutions and help others, so that my dream of going to school with my sisters can be another little girl’s reality."

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Lawrence (Computer Science) photo

Lawrence (Computer Science)

“Fighting Tourette's Syndrome has taught me a significant lesson about overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles through dedication and perseverance. Instead of being a victimized survivor, I have come out a stronger fighter.”

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Maureen (Mechanical Engineering) photo

Maureen (Mechanical Engineering)

Maureen found that she was able to use math and art to “connect and understand a plethora of people, who in return, did the same.”

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Qadeer (Business Analytics) photo

Qadeer (Business Analytics)

“He radiates the peace for which he longs, remains calm and balanced, and does not let life’s stressors frazzle him."

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Rebecca (Computer Science) photo

Rebecca (Computer Science)

She is the valedictorian of her class, active in its theater program, including as a writer, and a member of a wrestling team that ranks eighth in the city.

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Safiatu (Nursing & Global Public Health) photo

Safiatu (Nursing & Global Public Health)

“I want to be the woman little girls see and realize that it is beautiful to love and be yourself.”

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Shukria (Pre-Med & Applied Math) photo

Shukria (Pre-Med & Applied Math)

“School is the place where I come not only to learn how to read and write perfectly, but also where I can explore without rules.”

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Walid (Math & Computer Science) photo

Walid (Math & Computer Science)

He aims to be an astronaut. “I’m addicted to space,” he told us, and reminisced about climbing to the roof of his home in Yemen to look at the stars.

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