Chelsea (Pre-Law & Africana Studies)

Chelsea is a well-traveled dynamo, with a devotion to social justice and a commitment to helping others. The travel has come because of the belief of her school, Democracy Prep Harlem High School, that “In order to change the world, you need to see the world.” During her time at Democracy Prep, Chelsea has been chosen to participate in fully sponsored trips to Italy, Ecuador, South Korea and South Africa. As part of her preparation, she has taken Korean language classes for three years. She spends two to four hours a night working on academics with a brother who has severe learning challenges. “She does not lament the task,” her college counselor wrote, “and rather sees it as a fundamental duty that is beyond their relationship as siblings.” She has brought the same dedication to effective leadership of her school’s Friday Social Justice Club. In his letter of recommendation, the faculty advisor of that club predicted that “Chelsea will be a force on her campus, a heat-seeking missile to any organizations that profess a social justice mission and any that connect her with those passionate about black excellence.”