2017 Scholars

The 10 members of the 2017 Scholarship Plus class make it our largest group of scholars so far, and bring the total to 54. The new scholars of our eighth class come from a variety of backgrounds, but all share records of outstanding academic achievement and community contributions while overcoming stark challenges that include poverty, homelessness, mastering a new language and culture, and health-related difficulties.

Their accomplishments have earned them admission to Boston University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Franklin & Marshall College, George Washington University, Lehigh University, NYU, Northeastern, the School of Visual Arts and SUNY Oneonta.

Abdoulaye (Global Public Health, George Washington University) photo

Abdoulaye (Global Public Health, George Washington University)

"Abdoulaye is one of the most humble, deeply thoughtful, and analytical students I have had the pleasure of knowing."

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Absetou (Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell) photo

Absetou (Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell)

"Simply continuing to do my work and try my hardest is one way I have rebelled," she says. She is graduating from the Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics with a 4.0 average.

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Bai Hao (Finance, Lehigh) photo

Bai Hao (Finance, Lehigh)

There was a time in his life when he awaited surgery as a turning point in his life. "I realized then," he wrote, "that there are things that cannot wait until later. Now I try to make every second of my life count."

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Deloris (Environmental Studies & Geology, Northeastern) photo

Deloris (Environmental Studies & Geology, Northeastern)

Her long-term goal is to be "the person who speaks up for other people when they can't," and to change things that are wrong.

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Emely (Computer Art, Animation, and Visual Effects, SVA) photo

Emely (Computer Art, Animation, and Visual Effects, SVA)

"I always believed the phrase 'Follow your dreams' came from a place of privilege. My family went from one homeless shelter to another constantly."

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Jennifer (Math, Franklin & Marshall) photo

Jennifer (Math, Franklin & Marshall)

"JQ," her coach says, is "a young woman who does not know and will not accept failure."

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Nogaye (Biomedical Engineering, Boston University) photo

Nogaye (Biomedical Engineering, Boston University)

Nogaye has clearly found her voice at Forest Hills High School, where she is in the demanding Carl Sagan Math and Science Honors program, and has earned a 99.16 average.

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Roselkis (Computer Science, SUNY Oneonta) photo

Roselkis (Computer Science, SUNY Oneonta)

Her counselor describes her as "one of the most extraordinary young minds I have seen in my eight-plus years of teaching and counseling."

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Tasmia (Integrated Digital Media & Computer Science, NYU) photo

Tasmia (Integrated Digital Media & Computer Science, NYU)

"I am honored to be part of a community that shines of persistence, perseverance, and unity."

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Xabier (Computer Science & Sociology, Columbia) photo

Xabier (Computer Science & Sociology, Columbia)

He is a winning debater, and co-founder of the school's newspaper, a challenge he undertook "to unify people."

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