Deloris (Environmental Studies & Geology, Northeastern)

DELORIS ranks fifth in her class of 88 at Brooklyn's John Jay School for Law.  She has won summer scholarships to study in Japan and compete in an international moot court competition in the Netherlands.  After her freshman year she had an internship at the Council on Foreign Relations – the other interns were mostly high school seniors.

She is one of two students on the board of Global Kids, and organization determined to develop what it calls Youth Leaders for the Global Stage. The other board members are lawyers, bankers and diplomats.

Deloris lives in a homeless shelter, her fifth since family troubles came to a boil in 2009.  Her teacher, who is also the school's acting principal, says:  "In my eight years as an educator, I have never met a student who is able to overcome obstacles and be successful like Deloris." Deloris works 28 hours a week at Chipotle and is active in Mock Trial, and interned at the Paul Hastings law firm through the Vera Institute.

Her long-term goal is to be "the person who speaks up for other people when they can't," and to change things that are wrong. The next steps in that future will be at Northeastern University in Boston.