Armughan regularly gets impeccable grades as a result of his relentless work ethic,” wrote one of his teachers. She added that he was also a “shining star” in the Beacon High School Drama Art and Theatre. His “soulful voice and amazing dance skills in solo performances,” she wrote, “provide a sense of creative joy to the Beacon community.” Active in student government, he was also an intern in a recent Manhattan Borough President race. His interests go beyond local politics; he was co founder and secretary of a group called Girl Up, a club that raises awareness about global issues connected to girls and women.

His extracurricular activities have not prevented him from compiling an outstanding academic record. With a 99% GPA, he is in the top 5 percent of his class.

Armughan’s parents are immigrants from Pakistan; his father is a livery cab driver and his two older siblings are both in college. Recently he made the long trip to Pakistan for the first time. “Each day spent,” he wrote in his essay, “opened my eyes to how lucky I am and how lucky I should feel.”

He returned with a new perspective: “The balance of uneasiness and appreciation for my culture that I felt in Pakistan,” he wrote, “allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, whether that is through participating in more controversial conversations or valuing my friendships more. For my relatives that are 7,000 miles away, I am the embodiment of their dreams while I am trying to pursue my American dream."

"My freshman year biology teacher who also coincidentally was my senior year forensics teacher, Ms.Szostack, truly had an impact on me. She taught me how to persevere through difficult times and I will always admire her confidence and style of teaching."

Many thanks to Perry Pazer for supporting Armughan through his college journey.