Chris’s teachers at Bronx High School of Business comment on his strong classroom presence and his probing mind. “He is not merely passively receiving information,” one of them wrote, “but thinking about it critically. More than any student I have had in my teaching career, Christian makes use of teacher feedback on written assignments.” Chris came here from Ghana nine years ago, and his experiences mastering English have clearly helped him, and others. He is one of two students hired each year by the school to work with other students. His supervisor observed that “Chris’ ability to be as proactive as he has been shines through his work with our large populations of English Language Learners.”

Chris’s packed academic schedule allowed him to graduate early. He then worked as a youth leader, while taking College Now classes to stay ready for the transition to higher education. It wasn’t his first exposure to college-level courses; he has taken weekend science and technology classes at Fordham. He may major in either sociology or chemistry, and has an interest in poetry. He intends to continue in college with track and field competitions, having been a standout athlete at Armory competitions. With his love of Gospel and Afrobeats music, he plays bass guitar in his church band.

His vision for the future is clear: “I want to be strong – physically and mentally. I want to prove that even though I am a young man of color, I am not confined to these projections that others have of me. I want to create a future for myself that is far more positive than what we typically see in the media and on the news. I don't want to be part of another tragic statistic. I want you to see me. I am more than what you see.”

With her love, kindness, phenomenal energy, which empowers him every day, Ms. Arisdehilys Reyes has been a remarkable source of support. "My parents were never really the enthusiastic type but you spared no moment to applaud my successes with great adoration," Christian noted. This support made made Christian appreciate his accomplishments, "regardless of confidence." He adds to his message, "Even though you may seem to be a college and career advisor, you are much more. The accomplishments of your students are boundless due to your efforts."

Many thanks to Perry Pazer for supporting Christian through his college journey.