One key to Eliana’s success in school and her internships is her ability to plan and organize. She thinks that this is rooted in habits she learned as a child, helping her mother clean and organize the house, “putting extra effort in the presentation of everything so it would be pleasant to the eye.” Now, she wrote, “I enjoy organizing and planning because it helps me relieve stress; when I'm in this attitude, I completely forget about everything that I've been going through at the time and focus entirely on my tasks; this can be frustrating because the pictures that I've created do not reflect reality, but it forces me to be creative and look for new ways to achieve the outcome that I want or come close to it.”

Calling her “a powerhouse student” beloved by peers, teachers, and the school’s staff, one of Eliana’s teachers wrote of her independence and self-sufficiency. On top of that she has such a cheerful and positive disposition. “She is,” the teacher added, “a natural leader.” Her college counselor noted that Eliana arrived at the school in the fall of 2020, in the first Covid cohort, and hit the ground running. “She immediately integrated into the new online school community” doing amazingly well, a pattern that continued with the transition to in-person classes. She will graduate as one of the top two students in her class. 

The teacher/mentor that has made the greatest difference in my life is Caridad Bubbico (English teacher). She has been a huge support at school and has greatly improved my life by constantly motivating me to pursue the things that I genuinely care about and love. She constantly offers me guidance and assistance. In addition to being my teacher and mentor, she also became one of my friends. I now see her as family, and I have the utmost respect for her.