Bren sees the world through an artist’s eyes. He describes himself as “passionate about drawing portraits, memories or characters.”  

For Bren, making art continues to be a series of discoveries. “I love watercolors because I can layer colors and create extraordinary color palettes with different hues,” he wrote in his essay. He also embraces digital art, “I have access to the entire color wheel,” he wrote, “and can use it for dramatic color palettes. I love using such colors because it gives the piece even more depth and emotion, and can add onto the story and what it represents.”

Bren is excited about exploring the potential for both art and storytelling in video and digital games. “There are so many characters from games that bring me so much passion and joy,” he wrote, “and the way artists are able to draw them and give them more background and story has always given me so much inspiration.”

Bren’s talent and seriousness – he is 6th in his class of 80 at a school specializing in art and cinema that he commutes long distances to attend – has impressed his teachers. One who has taught him for three years commended the “distinctly bold and playful line quality and color palette” in his work. “Every drawing and project that Bren has created from his comic book to animation to video games has been highly professional,” she wrote, “far beyond the level of his peers.” Applauding Bren’s “passion and dedication,” the teacher said, “I am eager to hear about his accomplishments and his future creations.”

Bren is also eager to find what lies ahead. “With many different color palettes and the ability to share stories with my art,” Bren wrote, “I want to give life to new stories and creations.”

The teacher/mentor that has made the greatest difference in my life is, Art Ready Mentor, Phil Shung. He was my most recent mentor for the SmackMellon Art Ready Program, and his energy made me feel really comfortable and relaxed while working on our final project, a magazine. He also gave me great advice about connections and always welcomed us.