“I have this need to challenge myself,” Redwana says. Both of her teacher recommendation letters highlighted Redwana’s “incredible talent for art and illustrations.” Her artistic talents are widely deployed in school life; she designs the yearbook, contributes to the school newspaper and has been the art director of the Anime club for several years. Her self-portrait was selected by a Metropolitan Museum of Art jury as one of the winners in its 2020 public school art competition. As an artist, she experiments with multiple art mediums and styles because it pushes her out of her comfort zone. Redwana prides herself on her ability to be creative and adaptable in life. Most recently, she has developed a passion for social media marketing and advertising through digital art. Going forward she wants to keep her creative spark going, studying advertising and digital design. “I want,” she says, “to use the creative side of me in my career.” Her entrepreneurial spirit has allowed her to envision a future where she combines art, fashion and tech.

As “the teacher who made the greatest difference in my creative journey” Redwana named, Erica Norwood, her AP art teacher. “She would always be there to help me grow as an artist,” Redwana wrote, and “helped me build the confidence to continue my passion into my future career.” 

Many thanks to Pam Vassil’s pod for sponsoring Redwana through her college journey. Pod members: Linda and Stanley Futterman, Judith Hanlon and Wayne Proudfoot, Barbara Pearson and Philip Rosenthal, Ellen and Bernie Marson, Pam Vassil.