Ke Han

One of Ke Han's teachers, who has spent 30 years in the classroom, wrote of him, “one of the most intelligent, responsible and dedicated students with whom I have had the pleasure to work.” That dedication has made him 18th in a class of 176 with a GPA that has risen each year. In the 13 years since he arrived here from China, Ke Han has faced many challenges, including family financial stresses that he has helped lessen by finding both paid internships and part-time jobs. “Instead of seeing the need to balance my personal, school, financial and family responsibilities as a stressor to life,” Ke Han wrote in an essay, “I see it as an opportunity to work towards my success and support the things and people I love.” Ke Han has a love of theater that was encouraged by participation in the Wendy Wasserstein Project, which exposes students to professional performances. He intends to study accounting in college, with hopes of working on the business side of the theater world.   

Ke Han was hesitant to choose a Teacher Who Made a Difference, saying: "My four years in high school have been so impactful to me that it is very hard to pick only one teacher or counselor who stands out. I am grateful to many of them."

Many thanks to Perry Pazer for sponsoring Ke Han through his college journey.