“Brandon has grown into someone who truly strives to do better at everything he does,” one of his teachers wrote.  “In junior year, he skipped Physics (which most of his peers were taking) and went straight to AP Physics because he knew he could do it and he wanted his transcript and achievements to start showing what he was capable of.” His aspirations continue; Brandon’s aim is to be the first in his family to complete college. “I want to show my little sister and younger cousins,” he said, “that college is a path that is definitely attainable.” He plans to major in computer science so that he can build technology for financial and business companies. Brandon’s love for STEM grew as he took coding courses. He would continue working on algorithms long after class. This level of tenacity can also be seen in Brandon’s involvement in the student council, where he advocates for the student body. Through collaboration with the staff, the student council hosted a virtual event to promote community building and self-care. One of his recommenders said, “I have no doubt that Brandon can face and overcome any obstacle in his way with his sheer willpower and work ethic.”

Brandon selected Cesar Melendez, his 11th-grade physics teacher, as his Teacher Who Makes a Difference, and who "spent so many hours after school helping me" and "showed me how much I must dedicate myself to a topic to become successful."  

Many thanks to Perry Pazer for sponsoring Brandon through his college journey.