Joselyn (Computer Engineering, Dartmouth)

Joselyn recalls that she was attracted to Brooklyn’s High School for Public Service because she thought it would push her. The school requires 200 hours of community service, and requires “Mastery Work” on detailed projects in each subject for each marking period — over 60 a year. Joselyn, who ranks first in her class, has achieved the highest overall average in the history of the school. In her essay, Joselyn wrote about a community that lives in terror because of sudden changes in enforcement of immigration regulations. She also remembered helping collect bottles and cans to return to a supermarket machine for their deposits — a full shopping cart yields $5. Joselyn’s college counselor noted her extracurricular successes, including a summer program at Syracuse University in which she studied aerospace engineering and a molecular genetics class during her junior year at the American Museum of Natural History. The counselor also noted something else: Joselyn’s willingness to help other students, and the way that her example helped other students to have the confidence that they, too, could do it. Joselyn will attend Dartmouth, with a focus on biomedical engineering.