Javier (Computer Science, RPI)

Javier’s question to the members of the Scholarship Plus selection panel interviewing him was clear, if disconcerting. “You guys know about string theory, right?’’ he asked. The question wasn’t surprising from someone who is at the top of his class at the High School of Computers and Technology in the Bronx. But Javier’s accomplishments extend to other parts of the curriculum as well. His AP English teacher noted that, “he earned a perfect score of 100 in my class, a grade I have given maybe three times in my career.” Javier’s family, which includes his mother and sister, has faced severe challenges, including homelessness. Asked about the personal qualities of which he was most proud, he listed perseverance and hard work, saying, “They remind me about my past and what I’ve been through, while also reminding me about the positive outcomes that will take place if I continue to put my best self out there.” Javier is headed for a career in computers. His next stop is Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.