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July 2018

On a Warm Summer Evening, a Hot Theater Ticket

A vibrant, colorful and melodic “Twelfth Night” drew a fortunate group of Scholarship Plus students and recent alumni to Central Park’s Delacorte Theater on a cloudless summer evening. It was a new musical version of Shakespeare’s comedy, combining typically outstanding Public Theater actors with a well-schooled ensemble of Illyrians in a stage-filling multicultural cast of over 70. In the Scholarship Plus rows, old friendships were renewed and new ones made, for an evening that will be long remembered.

Photographs by Michael J. Leahy

From left, Fabien, just graduated from Brooklyn College and applying for admission to physician assistant programs; Malik, finishing up at Middlebury and applying for joint M.D./Ph.D. programs and Ambar, going into her third year at John Jay College of Criminal Justice of the City University.


From Left, Melanie Rosen Brooks, co-founder and director of Scholarship Plus; Muska, who just returned from a semester in France and has graduated from the honors program of City University, and Fran Lester, a longtime Scholarship Plus volunteer.


Onstage in the Illyrian street fair before the play began: Absetou, a Cornell sophomore, and Ambar.


At the Illyrian street fair, an engineering project nears completion.


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