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July 2017

The Battery, the Statue of Liberty, And a Ride on an Aquatic Carousel


Photographs by Michael J. Leahy

In the Battery, before boarding ship, from left: Abdoulaye, Emely, Jennifer, Warrie Price, President and Founder of The Battery Conservancy, Sumitra, Nogaye and Kate Fenneman Stokes.

"This is my favorite day of the year!" were the welcoming words from Warrie Price, President and Founder of The Battery Conservancy, as she welcomed five Scholarship Plus students to the conference room of her offices overlooking New York Harbor on July 19. Ever since the founding of Scholarship Plus the feeling has been mutual, as the visit to the Battery and the Statue of Liberty has always been among students' favorite memories of the summer.

Mrs. Price described the history of the Battery, and of the joint private and government efforts that have transformed it in recent decades. Once a dilapidated swath of waterfront, it is now a welcoming 25-acre green space with abundant gardens, careful attention to design and maintenance, an organic farm and the spectacular SeaGlass carousel. Mrs. Price spoke of coming in to work each day with a sense of anticipation, urging the students to use their college years to explore, and to search for work that was satisfying and in which each of them could make the best use of their talents.

After the presentation, Mrs. Price led us through the Battery, describing existing attractions and plans for the future, then left us in front of Castle Clinton, where we began the boarding process for the boat that took us to Liberty Island. After exploring the island, the base of the Statue of Liberty and its museum, we returned to the Battery, and another treat, also arranged by Mrs. Price. Having come off the water, we then went under water – virtually – with a ride on the SeaGlass carousel.


At the Battery Conservancy Headquarters.


On Liberty Island after leaving the Battery.


1 … 2 … 3 … Jump!


Abdoulaye and Jennifer, back on land but virtually underwater at the SeaGlass carousel.


Emely catches the motion on video as the fish spin and move up and down on their rotating turntables.

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