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June 2017

The 2017 Teachers Who Made a Difference

Each year the members of the newly selected Scholarship Plus class are asked to select an individual for our Teacher Who Made a Difference award. The award consists of a certificate and a modest honorarium. Here are this year's Teachers Who Made a Difference:

Habiba Khokar, science teacher and college counselor at ELLIS Preparatory Academy, selected by Roselkis.

Margaret Ferrigno, guidance counselor and club supervisor at Staten Island Technical High School, selected by Tasmia.

Vileti Akolo, Relationship Abuse Prevention Program Coordinator, Edwin Gould Services for Children and Families, selected by Absetou.

Aziki Peters, math teacher at Harlem Children's Zone Promise Academy II, selected by Abdoulaye.

Ryan Scheb, history teacher at Cristo Rey New York High School, selected by Jennifer.

Ofra Biener, science teacher and coordinator of the Carl Sagan Research Program, Forrest Hills High School, selected by Nogaye.

Lillian de Jesus, director of college and career counseling at University Heights High School, selected by Emely.

Sally Wheeler, English teacher at Manhattan Village Academy, selected by Xabier.

Phara Guberman, mentor through moot court, litigator at Paul Hastings Law Firm, selected by Deloris.

Kasey Tong Ladner, second grade teacher at P.S. 42 Benjamin Altman School, selected by Bai Hao.

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