Our Impact

  • 100% of our scholars graduate after four years of college.  This is 25% higher than the national average of their more affluent peers.
  • 44% of our current undergraduates are majoring in Engineering or STEM fields.
  • Our graduates have gone on to enter the fields of Business and Finance, Law, Teaching, Academic Counseling, Nursing, Medicine, and Public Policy.
  • 50% go on to graduate programs and more plan to apply.
  • 92% of our scholars are the first in their families to pursue a college degree, changing the trajectories of their families for generations forward.
  • Their average household income is $22,802.

What Our Scholars Have to Say

"..I thank whatever celestial being brought the Scholarship Plus application to my computer – and to my attention every day. THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

"I love the family-like bond the program holds and I can't wait to maybe one day help people like you helped me!"

"..thank you all so much for the support you guys give. Thankful for Scholarship Plus every day!"